Account cum Admin Job description

Job description

Account cum Admin 6,500 - 8,500 (MYR)
Job ID 1737
Occupation Account cum Admin
Business All Trading, Retail, Transportation, Logistics & Warehouse
Job detail ① Journalizing, account settlement (journal entry to our system, preparation of account statement, budget actual difference difference analysis)② Cash management (creation of cash flow statements, application for borrowing to banks, account management, deposit, withdrawal management, deposit management, borrowing management)③ Claims, debt management (accounts receivable collection collection confirmation, accounts payable management)④ Expense management (small cash payment, expense payment, salary etc.)⑤ Salary calculation work⑥ Tax administration (corporate tax calculation aid, withholding tax etc.)⑦ Accounting office, audit response⑧ General Affairs (hotels, airplane reservations, attendance management, various matters within the office)
Salary 6,500 - 8,500 (MYR)
Location Penang  

Required work experience English and Japanese Business level3 years more than Account Experience  

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