Sales Manager の求人詳細


Sales Manager 8000~12000 (RM)
Job ID 20443
職業 Sales Manager
業界 Consulting
仕事内容 ❖Develop and implement strategic sales and marketing plans with the aim to achieve sales targets.❖Understand market trends and implement effective strategies accordingly to achieve sales target.❖Lead and monitor the sales team to achieve sales targets set by the Management.

First of all, you will be in charge of sales for one year, and consider the placement based on suitability
給料 8000~12000 (RM)
勤務地 Kuala Lumpur  
必要業務経験 ‐Bachelor

‐BtoB sales experience 5 years or more or BtoB sales experience 3 years or more & management experience.

-Those who can make business trips once a month (about one week), since they are based in Malaysia and see from Asia to the Middle East.

- Those who have worked for a global company (foreign capital) and those who have worked for a company with 50 or more people (some company size) so far

-Can use excel and ppt

-Logical thinking